-How often should the products be used for the best results ?

-Everyday, They can be used twice a day for rapid results.

2 -What is best for coarse hair?

Our Amla collection or Hibiscus Fenugreek Avocado Collection Is best for course hair when applied LCO OR LOC daily.

 3 - What is LCO or LOC method?

-L( liquid) C( cream) O( oil) or L( liquid) O( oil) C( cream)

4 -Whats best for scalp inflammation, scalp issues and dandruff?

-The Lavender & Peppermint Collection will provide what you need to relieve scalp issues and eliminate dandruff.  It also helps to stimulate hair growth and thicken hair.

5 -Whats the best hair butter to keep my hair moisturized?

-Our Amla Hair Butter is best to lock in and retain moisture.  It is also grows and nourishes your hair.

6 -Can I use Jatamansi Growth Oil on my beard?

- Yes , our oil is safe enough for your face to help your beard growth thick and full while feeling smooth with just the right level of moisture. Say "bye" to dry beards.

7 -How often should I apply the Jatamansi Hair Growth oil?

-Daily- 2 times  per day for rapid results. 

8 -Can you use the mist and hair butter on your beard?

Yes! ,You can use the whole collection as well on your beard to help it reach it maximum moisture and fill in any patches.

 9- How long does shipping take?

Standard shipping takes approximately 3-7 business days

10 - Can I use the hair butter on my locs?

The hair butter can be used after your hair is washed and applied lightly to avoid build up.  

11 -What should I get if I have locs?

You can get any of our collections.  You can use the Mist and the oils daily if you which but use the hair butter only on wash day.