Alopecia Repair Hydration Mist

Alopecia Repair Hydration Mist

Follicle Fantasy
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Are you dealing with hair loss? Our Alopecia Repair Mist has DHT Blockers which may help slow down male/female pattern baldness while helping to regrow and stimulate your scalp.  Hair Loss stems from many factors- tight repetitive hairstyles, incorrect removal of lace front wigs, stress, dry unhealthy scalp, medications, hereditary.  Your Follicles are the victim of it all!  Regaining your hair comes from making changes to hair routines and internal diet.  This mist is a non invasive method that has been very effective for many of our customers to regrow hair when used consistently.   


1. Stimulates Regrowth

2. DHT Blockers & 5A Reducer Blocker 

3. Scalp & Nerve Circulation

4. Moisturizes, Softens & Detangles 

You don’t have to have alopecia  to have this beauty right here., anyone can use this mist. However, for those who are experiencing hair loss -this is the Mist you need!